Month: March 2019

The Craft Club
katarzyna sokół

Katarzyna Sokół creates beauty for the youngest

Another heroine, a person with passion and great ambition. Katarzyna Sokół is an unusual fashion designer because she creates for the youngest ones. She took the risk and found a need on the market where she can vent her artistic side. For me, after such a short conversation, she became an inspiration and I am …

karolina naji

Karolina Naji, how to conquer the heart with simplicity

Karolina Naji is just a 26-year-old fashion designer who charmed me with her courage and extraordinary insight into the needs of women. A graduate of the College of Art and Design in Łódź, she decided to use talent and develop skills to create something completely unique. In the proverbial “bum” on streetwear, she put on …

A special award for the charity purpose – interview with The Shoemaker

A group of volunteers from one of our partners – the Asbiro Foundation wants to build an educational clubhouse in the Zambian slums. For this purpose, the foundation organized a collection through the Polakpotrafi.pl portal Michał Wojewodzic aka ‘The Shoemaker comes with the support initiative and decides to donate a pair of footwear for this …


Karol Stanios – a classic with a sense of humor

Incredibly talented shoemaker, but at the same time a charming and modest man with a sense of humor. I had the pleasure to talk to him in his climatic studio for a moment and ask him some tricky questions. We want to bring you closer to the characters of our heroes, but a bit different …

The Craft Club Heros collabo – The Shoemaker x Kamil Mazela