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A footwear designer answers – How to choose weeding shoes?

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            There are situations of every human being that require proper binding and are worth every price. One of them is definitely a wedding. Both the Bride and the Groom want to look perfect during the ceremony. This is one of those situations in life where SHOES really matters.

The period of weddings is approaching fast, and therefore some of my friends ask me as a footwear expert for advice on their choice. Usually, this is associated with the recognition of the dress in all its glory, to which we intend to choose appropriate footwear. Today, we choose footwear for Monica and Asia dresses comparing the possibilities.

                  May is not always one of the warmest months, therefore Monika decided to choose the dress below. Choosing the right footwear for it will be quite a challenge, because the dress is “heavy” optically, so shoes must be in balance with the dress.

Shoes for Monika’s dress should be rather built-up, just like the dress itself. Suitable for her would be open-toe forms in the form of a built-up metatarsus, or with an exposed metatarsus, but with a built-up forefoot. An alternative to openwork footwear will be gallants, with an exposed heel.
Another option is to choose shoes in a different color (such as presented in numbers 4 and 8). The trend has been very fashionable for several seasons. You can still use it, even though it’s not a hot topic like a few seasons ago. And think that once these types of shoes were considered as a faux pas.

1. River Island 199 zł
2. Montua 749 zł
3. Valentino 1719 zł
4. Arka1927 299 zł
5. Calvin Klein 700 zł
6. Phillip Lim 1239 zł
7. Alberto Zago 759 zł
8. Toral 529 zł

                     The dress of Ms. Asia from the Milla Nova California Dreaming collection is lightweight, made of lace, strongly exposed. It has sequins in the form of sequins.

When choosing shoes for both dresses, let’s look for the right balance. Shoes should be in balance with the dress, which means that you should first determine the visual gravity of the dress and start watching shoes. In this case, the footwear should be optically light and delicate. That’s why the discovered tibias will work, if not the whole foot … Here are my suggestions:

1. Pura Lopez 450 zł (wersja srebrna)
2. PURA LOPEZ  (wersja złota)
3. Patrizia Pepe 1049 zł
4. Steward Weitzman  1399 zł
5. Ewa Minge 559 zł
6. Patrizia Pepe 1379 zł

Almost all of the presented types of shoes are sandals. Only at number 4 is a fancy item from the designer Steward Weitzman, but with a tendency to take a rest from high heels.
This type of sandals may not be the most comfortable, but in the sense of this dress, shoes must be delicate and classy 🙂