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A special award for the charity purpose – interview with The Shoemaker

A group of volunteers from one of our partners – the Asbiro Foundation wants to build an educational clubhouse in the Zambian slums. For this purpose, the foundation organized a collection through the Polakpotrafi.pl portal

Michał Wojewodzic aka ‘The Shoemaker comes with the support initiative and decides to donate a pair of footwear for this purpose.

How did you find out about the fundraiser for the clubhouse in Zambia?

Michał Wojewodzic: From the very beginning of THECRAFTCLUB Asbiro Foundation is one of our partners, which works for Africa. Due to the fact that we are in constant contact, we quickly found out about the project of building a clubhouse in Zambia.
Joshua – a modest tailor from the African village is one of our heroes, whose products support charity events.

Why do you want to bring a pair of your own shoes for a charity event?

Michał Wojewodzic: We support the Asbiro foundation as they support private education in Africa. Their strength is knowledge, entrepreneurship, and determination, which they share with children in the poorest parts of the capital of Zambia. We feel inspired by their activities.

Which of your projects have you decided to gift?

Michał Wojewodzic: Limited collection, which is called Sneek – exclusive leather footwear with exchangeable accessories, engraved and decorated with hand-made sculptures and embroideries rich in details.

How do you feel as a sponsor of the award?

Michał Wojewodzic: I am happy that I can support one of our partners. At THECRAFTCLUB, we want to act multidimensionally. We want to support not only each other as creators, but also to support the beautiful initiatives of our partners.

What is your personal definition of support?
Michał Wojewodzic: It’s something that you give from yourself and then it comes back – simple.
I strongly believe that if we give good, sooner or later we will take it back in a different form.

If you want to contribute – just go for it in > HERE <