A girl with character – Luiza Matyba in The Craft Club

luiza matyba

Talented, beautiful and with character. The model with the soul of the artist and many successes on the account. For the first time, I had the opportunity to talk to such a positive person, who is a living example of how everything can be achieved. I present to you the new heroine of The Craft Club – Luiza Matyba.

luiza matyba

You are not only a model but also an artist. What is the art for you that you create?

Luiza Matyba: I’ve practiced art since I was a child. I was painting, I had my easel in the garden, I went to different dress design courses or even to music school. However, after a while, everything went into oblivion, which for all happiness was reborn in Miami during Art Basel. I would like to start training in this direction by starting drawing, painting and graphics lessons. Although I must admit that being an art director also attracts my attention quite strongly. At the moment, art is for me a stepping stone from gray reality, from this hypocrisy, the Internet, where everything is artificial and fairytale. I stated that I would start to create something of my own, something that would be the complete opposite of what is happening around.

And as a model, is there an order that you would never have taken?

LM: There are many such orders. It all depends on the idea of the session, who photographs, how. It all depends on the whole, which consists of many elements.

Do you like challenges?

LM: I love it! I adhere to the principle that the harder the better. I can then face myself. I believe that everything can be achieved in the same way in private and professional life. Nothing is impossible, only there are those for which you have to try harder, and for whom less (and I prefer this option first). Besides, my zodiac sign is Gemini, so the simpler things are, the sooner I get bored.

The world of fashion is widely regarded as cruel. How do you see it?

LM: This is a cruel world but also very addictive. It is important, however, to set boundaries from the beginning and have respect for each other. It takes a few years to gain self-confidence, but it is in every profession, not just in modeling. In the Internet age, everyone wants to do everything for free and the market breaks down. For the most part, Instagram stars want free clothes, buy followers, and transform photos into power. Not only modeling suffers, but also the art or film industry. Everything is artificial. It went a little not in this direction as it should. I am waiting with great hope for the return of normality.

Do you think you’re doing well in this world?

LM: I think so. Only that I like to live a little in my world. It looks completely different for me, more like art, which is why I’m sorry that current trends are going more towards the commercial side. But in the end, due to the fact that I have a quite positive approach to life, I somehow advise ;).

What is currently keeping your head?

LM: Currently only that I enjoy the Polish honey that I have not eaten for centuries!

Would you like to know what is waiting for you in the future?

LM: I am a person who likes to know. Maybe it’s a bit scary, but even watching a movie, I wonder how it will end. Unfortunately, this is what I am! Before I start doing something, I like to collect information on a given topic.

High mountains or ocean and beach?

LM: Ocean and beach. And of course, someone who bring drinks in a coconut!

Author: Karolina Kamińska