If I couldn’t grow, I wouldn’t feel that I’m alive – Dariusz Goldmann


Dariusz Goldmann is an orchestra man. He deals with various fields, which combines graphics and visualization. He is an expert in the use of graphic programs, but also has 10 years of experience in banking or advertising marketing. He loves new things, loves to grow. Craftsman? No, but also a man with passion, determination and creating art, only in a slightly different way.

Dariusz Goldmann

Photographer: Jarosław Skuza @sqzimaru

How did your adventure with modern media begin?

Dariusz Goldmann: I’ve always been interested in graphics, but I like to go to the left and right. Video, photography, graphics, DTP or web designing have a lot in common, but in each of these areas I try to develop. In fact, everything started with photography. At the beginning, my cousin infected me with enthusiasm, which he drew from the first, good camera from the USA, received as a gift. Then in high school I signed up to the photo circle. We had a great director who was very supportive of students’ passions and interests. I did not know what I wanted to do before high school. The breakthrough turned out to be a great school support, thanks to which I discovered what I am really good at.

It’s rare for the school to support their students so much in their passions.

DG: I’m not from a rich family and I was lucky that the school invested in a camera and a video camera, which opened up a lot of possibilities. You’re right, it does not happen often, but I’m glad that I came across such an open and helpful director who approached the subject very individually.

As you mentioned, you deal with various aspects of visualization. Do you think that you are just as good in each of them?

DG: Honestly, I get bored quickly doing just one thing. Earlier, I was preparing things for printing and after a while it became tedious and I started looking for something new. In this way, I learn new things. This is quite a lot, but I like to combine “new with old”. For example: I have learned 3D graphics and now I am making video, so I started to combine how to combine these things together and create something completely new. My main goal is to be on my own, gain a lot of experience and knowledge in the subject. I want to be sure that when a client comes to me, I will be able to do what he asks me to do. I do not like to limit myself.

Architecture or people – what is more challenging in photography and filming?

DG: At the moment people. Architecture seems to be simpler, because no one, in a colloquial way, complains about me. It is as it is. You have to learn to work with people, and I’m somewhere in the middle of an introvert and I do not like it much, nor can I tell someone how to pose. To learn this, I started going to photo sessions to observe photographers how they work. In addition, along with friends, we created a group to simply walk around Warsaw and make as many photos as possible. However it sounds – I try to do what I can not do.

In your works, you care more about giving up the reality as it is or creating a completely new face?

DG: First of all, I am still looking for something of my own. It’s only been two years since I’ve been dealing with video when it comes to filming and editing. I had to learn how to use the equipment, how many frames per second to use, what equipment is available and what is worth investing in. Then I just started thinking that the film must tell a story. So I try to find my style that will work visually, but also tell a story.

You are an orchestra man, but in what aspect you feel best?

DG: I guess in the use of graphic programs and technical equipment, but also in recording, editing … simply in graphics. But I think most probably I feel in finding new ideas, discovering new things. If I could not grow, I would not feel that I was alive.

What do you currently have a “sneak peek” on?

DG: I would like to learn to tell a story well, which I mentioned. I want to go in the direction of films that tell the story in a very mysterious way, while being visually aesthetic, simple, with a good soundtrack and narration in the background. I was thinking about doing something on YouTube, and it seems to be a different idea from the rest.

Regardless of any barriers, where would you like to be found tomorrow?

DG: I would go on a trip around the world. Especially to get to know the civilizations of the Far East and get inspired by a new one completely different from our culture. That’s what I would like to do. Pack and go to look for inspiration.

Your motto?

DG: It’s better to be a lion for one day than a sheep for one hundred days.

Author: Karolina Kamińska