Patrycja Cyganek – the element of craft in blood

Patrycja Cyganek

Patrycja Cyganek is a certified diamond appraiser and owner of the Syncret company, who is continuing her father’s vision, wanted to create a brand that perfectly fits the standards of the modern market, but also will refer to tradition, history and unique beauty. In her salon, time seems to slow down. We break away from everyday rush, having the opportunity to see the most beautiful jewelry and delve into their soul and history.

Patrycja Cyganek

“Patrycja to the age of 18 did not wear jewelry” – is it true?

Patrycja Cyganek: True! Over the years, every person changes. I grew up in a family where crafts have always been. I was tangled up in my dad’s studio where I saw jewelry, stones, his dirty, hard-working hands, but I did not wear any jewelry, it bothered me. Only now, crossing the magical 30-note, I can confidently say that for about 10 years I have been collecting jewelry and I adore it. I also see my clients like “grow up” to wear jewelry. Often starts with an engagement ring, which has its value in the form of gold, stone, but also symbolic and only then begins a kind of adventure with jewelry.

In your opinion, precious stones are luxury, a way to earn money, or objects with soul and character?

PC: I think if it were not for the fact that I grew up in a family that deals in jewelry, it would never have occurred to me to go for it. For sure it is a big niche, but the model of work that we have created, which is focusing on craftsmanship, high quality and not making the product wholesale, does not treat as a quick business idea, where I only want to earn money. For me, it’s a way of life. I sometimes imagine myself as a seventy-year-old grandmother who chooses stones for clients, supports successive generations and advises in the selection of the best stones.

What is the Syncret brand for you?

PC: We have created this brand a little from dreams. My father has been in the industry for many years, he has created his own brand and many people know him as an excellent craftsman. My goal was to create a place where people of my age and next generations could discover crafts. We live in times where we have lost a bit of fast life, easy availability of various types of products, which has never been in line with me. Therefore, thinking about business, the priority was to make the whole thing work with me. I wanted to be attached to tradition, with great attention to detail, craftsmanship, craftsmanship, but at the same time looking into the future, an example of which is the laboratory that we have created here. It was important to combine these two worlds – classic and tradition, with modernity and technology.

What do clients expect from you?

PC: At the beginning, we were worried whether people would even want to buy what we do. After all, it is not a fast product that comes off the production line, only every design is designed and made with great attention to detail. We have been lucky because all customers who reach us are fully aware of this. They know very well that they can get advice on the selection of stones, design jewelry from A to Z, and realize that the items placed in the showcases and shelves are pampered at any angle. It makes them very demanding clients, which is a plus for us because we do not care about the band production, we only strive for the highest possible quality.

I meet with the statement that jewelry is a waste of money. But what is it for you?

PC: In fact, anything can be a waste of money. One is enough to ride a Polonez, the other is dreaming of having Porshe and you can not judge either one or the other. Since the beginning of time jewelry has an ornamental function and historically it has a huge symbolism. Recently, we watched together with Mrs. Jadwiga, our specialist in historical jewelry, an engagement ring with two stones symbolizing the two lovers, we also have funeral jewelry or a maturity ring, which the owner only dressed once in her life on the day of the baccalaureate. Jewelry has many meanings and uses and looking at my clients I see that this habit is coming back. Besides, life is too short to surround yourself with ugly things.

What is your advice for a person who wants to open a craft business? Is there a recipe for success?

PC: You have to start with the product and check if this product will be defended. It is worth to start working in this proverbial “garage” and look for clients. If the client is found, we are on a winning position and then we can think about creating the whole brand. To sum up: you need to create a good quality product and listen to customer needs.

Author: Karolina Kamińska