Positively crazy Wero Wysoczyńska

weronika wysoczyńska

Weronika Wysoczyńska is a person you would like to meet personally. Every day she deals with everything related to fashion. She is a stylist of a photo session, a director of shows, a costume designer, she also conducts classes at a visage and stylization school … a firecracker woman. But she is also a positively twisted unicorn, which belongs to our extraordinary Heroes.

What element are you and why?

Wero Wysoczyńska: Unfortunately, fire. I am a girl with temperament. I try not to be so at work, because it bothers me, but I’m definitely in my private life and in the sport, I train.

So you are a different person at work and privately or is it the same Wero?

WW: It depends. From the circumstances, from the people I work with, how well we know each other, whether there is a client on the set or not. My friends know that I like to fool around. But I know, if I’m making a commercial, I try to be serious, professional and I’m doing what’s right for me.

What aspect of your work do you like the most?

WW: One hundred percent creation. That, I can create an image and then move it to reality and it depends on me how it will look. I just like to do pretty things and I like to think that the things I do are pretty.

Do you prefer to do something on the spur of the moment or according to the schedule?

WW: I’m definitely spontaneous and impulsive, I’m doing things faster than I think. When it comes to work, I’m inspired by weird things and looking at them I know straight away that I want to use it. Sometimes paper net or socks are the starting point for the entire editorial or session. However, due to the fact that I have a lot of work, I can not afford to do it right away. By nature, ideas that crystallize somewhere in the back of the head must wait.

weronika wysoczyńska

Why “Fasion Victim”?

WW: I strongly believe that fashion is not just for looking good, but above all for experimenting with it. I like to enter different roles. If I want to go out in a unicorn outfit, I go out in a unicorn outfit. Sometimes I have such days that I feel like a child because the sun is shining, I have a good mood, I go in dungarees, my pants are short, I do not have socks and it’s great. On the other hand, there are moments when I feel like a woman and I want to look like a woman. And even if I go out in a unicorn outfit and I know I look foolish, I feel great anyway! I wear spurs, if I want to be a cowboy, I dress in blue with blue makeup on my face, because when I want to be a mermaid, why not! Let’s say I treat fashion for usage.

Nobody at work says “hey, it’s time to grow up!”?

WW: No way! I think I have a midlife crisis, but everyone says it just fits me. I am counting on wrinkles and I say that it may be time to stop wearing these unicorns, but somehow it has grown to me. I had blue hair so long that when someone asked what my natural color was, I said it was blue. Because it’s natural for me. And if someone thinks I look stupid because I put on two different shoes, and I like it, I don’t care. Unfortunately, we live in Poland and it happens to hear that I am a devil’s spawn. And all my life I wanted to be a mermaid, what went wrong ?!

On the one hand, fashion and kickboxing on the other. Where did the idea for such a sport come from?

WW: I have been training for three years because I lost the bet in total. I was a typical couch lazy, “a man from the industry”. One day, I bet with a friend who started kickboxing training, that if I do not bend and do not touch my toes, then the next day I will go to training with her. And I lost. The next day, without any condition or form, I fell in love with this sport. Besides, I have a genre of rivalry and I like this contact in kickboxing.

What will your life after fifty look like?

WW: For a long time, somewhere in the back of my head I have a vision of myself in gray dreadlocks when I run naked in Ecuador, I gather bananas and live in a hut. I think that’s how it will look. By nature, I’m also an anarchist and I do not like it, I have to pay taxes, have an accountant and do all these “adult” things.

The best taste of ice cream is…

WW: I think caramel with nuts. But you must know that I am a connoisseur of donuts. And the best in the world are from Stara Pączkarnia. With chocolate, rafaello … If you want to bribe me, it’s just a donut!

Author: Karolina Kamińska