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The Craft Club
le szapo

Like a rabbit from a hat – Boris and Karolina from “Le Szapo”

This time I present to you two Heroes in one. Polish-French duo won my heart with passion for … hats. They were the first to dare to open a unique hat shop in Krakow. They have the best quality products imported from different parts of the world. They also plan to expand their offer with …


If I couldn’t grow, I wouldn’t feel that I’m alive – Dariusz Goldmann

Dariusz Goldmann is an orchestra man. He deals with various fields, which combines graphics and visualization. He is an expert in the use of graphic programs, but also has 10 years of experience in banking or advertising marketing. He loves new things, loves to grow. Craftsman? No, but also a man with passion, determination and …

Patrycja Cyganek

Patrycja Cyganek – the element of craft in blood

Patrycja Cyganek is a certified diamond appraiser and owner of the Syncret company, who is continuing her father’s vision, wanted to create a brand that perfectly fits the standards of the modern market, but also will refer to tradition, history and unique beauty. In her salon, time seems to slow down. We break away from …